If a 5-year-old drew a fish

by - February 19, 2018

Today I went in search of the Pokemon Centre. I failed to find it and ended up going to the Sunshine Aquarium instead.

The aquarium is located on the roof of one of the buildings in Sunshine City, which is pretty cool. They've got a wide array of fish, seals, sea lions, penguins... And almost all of them are in tanks/enclosures that are far too small. Which is sad, but at the same time, probably to be expected for an aquarium that is on the roof of a building.

After a quick tour of the aquarium, I made my way to Akihabara. It was the first time that Google steered me wrong, when it comes to Japanese transport. It told me to get off at a certain stop (that wasn't Akihabara station), which I did... and it was nowhere near where I wanted to be.

There was a simple fix, jump back on board the train and head to Akihabara Station, I walked around for a bit first, ending up walking through a market, which, if I enjoyed shopping at all, would probably have been pretty cool.

I'm not sure what I expected to do in 'Electric Town', but once there, the crowds alone put me off. I ventured into a shop, and almost immediately turned around and came back out. It's fine if you need something - like I did the first night I was here. I could ignore the crowds and the overstuffed floor layouts, because I was on a mission, but when it comes to just browsing... Nope. I can't.

I wandered around the general area, taking some pictures along the way and then headed back to the station and got a train back to my airbnb. Once back, I decided to try out the bath.

The bath is extremely short, but also extremely deep. Even with my famously short legs, I couldn't sit with my legs stretched out in front of me. Still, the depth meant I was able to submerge myself completely, with my legs crossed.

I might go search for the pokemon centre again tomorrow. We'll see.

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