by - June 01, 2017

A few days before were due to arrive in Copenhagen, I got a message from our AirBnB host to let us know we'd be arriving slap bang in the middle of 'Distortion', that it'd be loud and crowded and that we should enjoy it while we could. 

Our travel day started off at 7am, with the first of two trains to Edinburgh, followed by a tram to the airport - first tram experience, not bad Edinburgh. Though a tenner if you don't get your ticket from the machine seems a bit steep. 

The flight was delayed for a whole hour, because they couldn't get a bus to get the people who had arrived on the plane, off the plane. Something the pilot was all too quick to point out before we took off - "Not our fault, promise!" I might not believe you, but your free wi-fi made up for it. 

The first experience, having left the train that took us to our destination, was seeing a guy on the floor, vomiting on the ground. Welcome to Copenhagen(?).

Our host, Christina, was extremely attentive and helpful via text, making sure we were getting the right trains and helping us with directions the whole way. Not that that didn't stop us taking some wrong turns and getting a little lost, but we made it in the end. 

The apartment is small, but lovely (I will post more about it in a later post). 

We ventured out into the streets, after being given the tour of the apartment by Lone (Christina's Mum). The streets during Distortion are... Something. The ground was sticky. The crowds were thick. The bass of the music vibrated my rib cage. 

At one point, I commented to Allan that I'd hate to be someone wearing flip-flops walking the street, due to the broken glass everywhere. Five minutes later, there was a guy picking glass out of his toes. 

People were swaying around drunk, but the people we encountered seemed nice. One guy even stopping to welcome us to Copenhagen, after asking if we were tourists. 

It was an unconventional start to a trip, but it was an interesting way to be thrown into the action. 

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