Tak, København

by - June 05, 2017

Just like that, the trip to Copenhagen is over.

While we felt we had done everything we wanted to do, there was still a niggling doubt in my mind that we might have missed something big, so it was nice, while sat in the park, that a woman came over to us - to rest, apparently. I felt sure she was out to scam us, she seemed like the type to suddenly break out a clip board asking for donations  to some obscure cause - but ultimately, she seemed to just genuinely be looking to chat.

She asked us where we were from, how long we'd been here, "had we done everything?"

We told her we thought so, but weren't sure.

"Have you done the castle? (we were sat next to it), The mermaid? Chrstiania? ... She named a couple more places, which have slipped my mind, but the answer to them all was yes. "Ok, bye", she replied. "You're done. You've done it all. Copenhagen is not that big."

'Check out' of the AirBnB was painless, we went for food in the morning, and were back in the apartment for around 12 - the time we'd said to Lone to come meet us. She showed up. We said goodbye and we were off.

I was a little worried about doing this trip with just one other person. Having done trips before with just two people, the confines of a trip can be exhausting, but I think the fact that we were able to 'escape' each other when we got back to the apartment (and the fact that we were comfortable spending a day alone) meant that that strain didn't get to be too much.

Copenhagen, before I went, wasn't somewhere I'd ever really considered before. While I don't necessarily want to rush back, it's only because I have other places I'd like to visit first. I'll definitely recommend it as a destination for other people.

So, thank you, Copenhagen... or... Tak, København. Mange tak.

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