Must have at least 3 working limbs

by - June 03, 2017

Before coming to Copenhagen, people would ask me if I was excited about the trip - to which I could only respond, 'not really'. That's not to say I didn't think I'd have a good time, or I didn't think I'd like the city, just that I knew next to nothing about the place, so I had nothing specific to be excited about.

On our first full day, we wandered. Before leaving, I had looked at a map and planned a rough route to take, but I had no idea if that route would work out or not and being as we didn't have anywhere we had to be, or had to see necessarily, the wandering method was sure to work.

And it did.

We walked through various different neighbourhoods, commenting on the fact that a lot of Copenhagen looks like a film set. Both in terms of it's cleanliness, but also the buildings look like giant facades, to the point where if you could just get behind them, you'd realise there was nothing there, just plywood and scaffolding. 

We also commented on the fact that we saw pretty much every demographic on a bike, young, old, men, women, different ethnicities... The only demographic we didn't see were unattractive people, because there are none. Everyone is attractive. Sometimes too attractive. 

On our meandering journey, we found The Little Mermaid statue. Which... Is a thing. I'll probably never understand art, never understand why something like that is popular. I feel the same about the Mona Lisa in Paris. It's nice, sure... But there are other more impressive pieces of art (to me).

At night, we headed to Tivoli gardens, one of the only things I had wanted to make sure we did when coming here. I'd read about the Friday night concerts they put on, which made the decision of what day to visit a no-brainer. 

Once in the park, we went on a few rides and then had some food. Avoiding, the whole time, the 80ft chair-swing ride. Because, I'll go on pretty much any other ride going, but I don't trust those things.

I thought the music would start around 8pm. However, it was 10pm before Beth Hart took to the stage and midnight before she left again. It was interesting watching her with the crowd - the crowd that clearly knew who she was and knew the words to her music, as someone who had no idea who she was and knew none of the words to her music. I'm not sure I'd set out to listen to many of the songs again, but I enjoyed it while there.

After a day of wandering the city though, then over two hours of standing during the gig, everything was sore. Feet, back, legs.

Outdoor concerts should be a sitting down thing.

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