Make Your Mommy Proud - Use The Bin

by - June 04, 2017

Not content with the 16 odd miles we walked yesterday, we walked a further 11 or so today. We set off around lunch time, having had breakfast at Dyrehaven, a small cafe-bar just down the street from the AirBnB.

Our first stop of the day was to be Christiania, I'm not sure what I expected it to be, but it what I got wasn't what I expected. The place looked cool and had a relaxed vibe to it (helped along, I'm sure, by the amount of pot going around). We stopped to eat, for the second time, at a juice and sandwich bar, inside Christiania - is there a mandate somewhere that requires all juice/smoothie bars to be painted in the same shade of green?

Both the Smoothie I had, and the Turkey sandwich were delicious.

After Christiania, we started to make our way through the streets to Copenhagen Street Food, a large warehouse, essentially, on the docks, inside of which is row upon row of street food merchants, selling pretty much every type of food you could possibly want. We ended up with some ice cream, and I got a brownie - a dessert to our Christiania main, if I come back to Copenhagen, it's definitely somewhere I'd re-visit and get more from though.

We started making our way back to the AirBnB after that. Winding our way through the city streets, stopping off at The Round Tower, which has a viewing platform at the top, giving views across Copenhagen.

We got back late afternoon, and after the 27 miles of walking across two days, opted to stay in for the night, save for a quick shopping trip to the nearby supermarket for some snacks.

Copenhagen is a lovely city for walking around in. They do love cobbles though... Cobbles which I've tripped over multiple times now, though, as yet, I haven't fallen flat on my face. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

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