Do Not Feed The Animals

by - June 04, 2017

On our last full day in CPH, we split up. The weather, having been amazing for the first two days we were here, was now terrible with torrential rain. 

I had considered doing a museum or something - something indoors, something dry... But, in the end, the zoo was closer, even if it meant getting soaked. 

I didn't bring any waterproof clothing on this trip (not that I really own any anyway), so with just my hoodie for protection, I set off in the direction of the Copenhagen Zoo.

I quite like visiting zoos in different cities, they'd never be my first port of call, but if I've done the things I want to do and have some time? Tell me where your zoo's at. 

The zoo in Copenhagen was an interesting mix of new-style enclosures and old-style. All the animals appeared relatively happy and well cared for, unlike some zoos I've been to (looking at you, Rome), but certain enclosures left a little to be desired. 

I wasn't really paying attention, but I can only assume I was getting a few weird looks from other zoo patrons as I walked around. Everyone else in the park was wearing several layers of waterproof clothing, ponchos, umbrellas, etc.. I was walking around in jeans and a hoodie, with the hood down and the sleeves rolled up. 

At the giraffe enclosure, they had set up branches for them near the fence, which the giraffes were stripping of the bark. If you wanted to, you could have reached out and petted them and while I didn't opt to do that (do giraffe's bite? I didn't want to find out), I did strip a little bark off the branch, which the giraffe gladly took out of my hand. 

It was only later that I noticed the sign at the top of this post - but that was next to the rhinos... I assume it referred almost exclusively to the rhinos, not the giraffes. Right?

After a couple hours there, in the rain, I decided to head back to the airbnb. Drenched. But I fed a giraffe, so it was all worth it, no?

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