The Beginning of... Something?

by - March 09, 2017

I turn 30 in June and a lot has changed for me in the past 6 months or so; I've moved out of the house I lived in for 29 years. I started a new job, I got suspended and then reinstated at that job. I thought about leaving the job, but then came to the conclusion that that probably wasn't the best idea. Not yet, at least.

Over the next year or so, I want to do more things. In particular, I want to travel more.

I've had the idea in my head that I could travel on my own for a while now - I've been places myself before, and I don't mind it at all, in many cases, I almost prefer it. But the places I've been myself, or found myself alone have been places I'm already familiar with. I want to go on new adventures, see new places and generally explore new things. I'll be more than happy if people want to join, but I don't want to put things off, in the hopes that I won't have to go it alone. I want to set a plan, and if people want to jump on board, great. If they don't? - It'll be a solo adventure.

The travels won't start until later in the year, as I have some things that need to be paid for before then, but the goal (for now) is to get started in September/October.

Going back to why leaving my job probably isn't the best idea, yet - the way my shift pattern works, I get a week off every month. I wouldn't get that anywhere else I went. The aim is to take advantage of the rota and travel in those weeks off - not every single week, of course, but knowing that I have time each month where I could pick up and go. Not having to wait until I can book in holidays or having to swap shifts to get enough days. That time is my time, and I need to start making use of it.

I'm not sure what this is, yet. I don't know what I'll be posting here or how often I'll be posting here. But here it is. The beginning of... Something.

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